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All succubae are created fully formed and complete with the knowledge of how to do their jobs, including Kathryn aka Kit but... with parents like hers, she's not exactly ready to go out and conquer the 'verse with sex anytime soon.

She is just a baby, technically she's only a little over a day old, despite looking like an adult. She's got a lot of things to learn, explore, and figure out before she's ready to take her place amongst the ranks. So if you think that she's just going to hop into bed with random characters... you might want to re-think that idea.

(( This is just an rp character and no, I have nothing to do with Amber Tamblyn, just using the pictures.))

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bunnies, down with pat trees, exploring, foxes, friends, hitting males, incubi, kitties, learning, men, orangy, sex, shopping
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